Hi! Anne-Marie from the Primary schools team here. 

For today’s blog, I want to introduce you to something fun and delicious that I’ve found recently. 

You might have already seen many trends and challenges going viral in the online community as people all over the world find creative ways to spend their time in lock-down. At the height of lock-down in South Korea, the coffee loving folks were craving a nice, frothy, sweet latte, but with café’s also in lock-down, they weren’t as easily available. 

And so the trend began to make your own latte at home – without the aid of a fancy coffee machine! 


This is called ‘Dalgona’ coffee, named after traditional Korean honeycomb toffee. 

It’s very easy to make, simply find a bowl and assemble these simple ingredients:

1 tbsp of instant coffee granules 

1 tbsp of sugar 

1 tbsp of hot water

You can increase or decrease the measurements, so long as all three ingredient measurements are the same! (I’ve only made a small mixture today using 1 tsp of each ingredient as I’ve already had a lot of tea!)  

Now, grab yourself something to mix it all up with. Anything will do, but what you choose will determine how long your dalgona coffee will take to mix.

A fork or spoon should keep you occupied for at least ten minutes as you whip the coffee into it’s signature thick, cream like consistency. A small hand whisk will make things go a lot quicker, and I consider an electric whisk cheating. For extreme difficulty mode I suggest using chopsticks.

(Be prepared for an arm workout)

The idea is to get your coffee mixture all thick and creamy, almost like a very soft meringue. 

When it’s ready, half fill a cup or glass with milk, add an ice cube or two (perfect for those lovely hot days) and spoon your coffee mixture on top. If you’ve made it thick enough, the coffee will sit on top of the milk, ready to be stirred in and enjoyed. Delicious! 

Now, I’m a little obsessed with South Korea. Since the Winter Olympics I’ve fallen in love with the country a little bit. 

So when I saw this lock-down trend I knew I wanted to give it a go. Partly because on a hot day an ice coffee is one of the best things, and partly because I loved that the main purpose of making dalgona coffee seemed to be to give yourself a simple activity to do to pass the time. Sure, your coffee maker can do this in less than a minute – but then what would you do with your time?! 

Even the most introverted person will find lock-down and social isolation tiresome at some point. It can be difficult to know how to fill our days, we can easily begin loose a sense of purpose and feel bad about a drop in productivity. And then some people I know are even busier now than before lock-down. With all the changes going on it takes time for us to find a new normal. But it can be a good thing to slow down a bit and find some small things to remind us to pause.


For me, mixing up my dalgona coffee is a good little prayer time. It keeps my hands occupied, I’ve got something simple to do that doesn’t take a lot of brain power with a sweet treat at the end.

You could use it as a mindfulness exercise, spend a few minutes reflecting on how you’re doing today, remind yourself of the need to be extra kind to yourself and others right now. Maybe you could try some caffeine free, kid-friendly alternatives with coco powder or milkshake mix? There’s also a savoury version where you whip up eggs to make a super fluffy pancake mix!

Let me challenge you to find something small, sweet and simple to do this week. Use it as a short little family activity to check in with one another. Give yourself and your family permission to slow down, stop for a while and see what happens.