About Us

Exeter ICE is a schools work Charity. We assist the local body of schools by providing Christian education programs, all of which support the national and local syllabus and government guidelines.

ICE is a local voluntary body, supported by a wide group of organisations, schools, businesses, city churches and individuals. ICE was established in 1989.

It is a registered Charity 1071619, a Company Limited by Guarantee and is administered by a board of Trustees.

We are funded by voluntary donations from churches, individuals, fund raising events, local businesses and individuals.

ICE charity structure:


  • Trustees – Responsible for governance and overseeing the direction of the charity
  • Director – Responsible for overseeing vision, strategy and pioneering new ideas
  • Coordinators and Lead Workers – Salaried staff, who shape and develop the work
  • Year Out Volunteers – Volunteers, who fully participate in all aspects of ICE’s activities.
  • Associate Workers – Volunteers, who give freely of their time helping with ICE’s activities.


Sue Noden – (Chair)
David Northcote-Passmore – (Treasurer)
Chela Fowler
Chris Keane
Tricia Morris
Brian Murray
Mary Rowe


John Bryant
John Tripp

If you’d like to send us an email message, please email us at:


Primary Schools Team: primary-team@icetrust.co.uk


Secondary Schools Team: doug.owen@icetrust.co.uk


Telephone the office: 01392 411116


Other ICE Partnership Centres





As an outside organisation operating in schools, ICE and our associate workers adhere to the PCfRE guidance for guests visiting schools.

ICE is a member of the PSHE Association and follows their guidance on curriculum and best practice.