ICE Prayer Walk

Each year the ICE team along with our supporters completes a prayer walk around all the schools we work with in the city.

We have lunch in the middle of each walk to pray for all the schools in that part of Exeter. Anyone is welcome to come along for all or part of these walks or just the lunch. At each school we gather outside the school gates to pray.

We will update the page when sign up for the 2024 prayer walk becomes available. But do email if you want to find out more

The details and routes of our 2023 walk are below. 

Day 1 – Monday

15th May

meet at St James’ Secondary 11:30
St James’ Secondary 11:40
walk 20mins 11:50
Whipton Barton Primary 12:10
walk 10mins 12:20
St Boniface Church (Lunch) 12:30
walk 15mins 13:15
St Luke’s Secondary 13:30
walk 25mins 13:40
Pinhoe Primary 14:05
End 14:15
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Day 2 – Tuesday

16th May

meet at St David’s Primary 11:15
St David’s Primary  11:25
walk 10mins 11:35
Exeter College 11:45
walk 20mins 11:55
St Sidwell’s Primary 12:15
walk 5mins 12:25
Belmont Church (Lunch) 12:30
walk 5mins 13:15
Newtown Primary 13:20
walk 20mins 13:30
St Leonard’s Primary 13:50
end 14:00
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Day 3 – Wednesday

17th May

meet at Stoke Hill Primary 11:45
Stoke Hill Primary 11:55
walk 25mins 12:05
Pinhoe Road Baptist Church (Lunch) 12:30
10mins 13:15
Ladysmith Primary 13:25
walk 15mins 13:35
St Michael’s Primary 13:50
end 14:00
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Day 4 – Thursday

18th May


meet at Exwick Heights Primary 11:00
Exwick Heights Primary 11:10
walk 25mins 11:20
St Gabriel’s Primary (Redhills) 11:45
walk 15mins 11:55
Montgomery Primary 12:10
walk 10mins 12:20
ICE Office (Lunch) 12:30
walk 10mins 13:15
St Thomas Primary 13:25
walk 15mins 13:35
Bowhill Primary 13:50
walk 20mins 14:00
West Exe Secondary 14:20
end 14:30
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Day 5 – Friday

19th May

meet at Woodwater Primary 11:45
Woodwater Primary 11:55
walk 15mins 12:05
St Peter’s Secondary 12:20
walk 0mins 12:30
St Peter’s Secondary (Lunch) 12:30
walk 50mins 13:15
Countess Wear Primary 14:05
walk 25mins 14:15
Trinity Primary 14:40
end 14:50
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If you have any questions, do email us at