Secondary Schools

ICE Exeter Assemblies

Our secondary age assemblies are engaging, inspiring and usually interactive. We run these across all types of secondary schools, and either follow school themes or provide our own. We also produce video assemblies which you can view here


We are partnered with Transforming Lives for Good to run a mentoring project in Exeter. We work with young people who are struggling with school, home life or are at risk of exclusion, to give them a listening ear, to stand along side them and equip them for the future.

ICE Exeter lunch clubs

Lunch clubs are really fun and take on various forms depending on the school and year group. Some of our clubs are about forming friendships for new students, whilst others focus on discussion around big questions. We usually have snacks and play games too.

We have a number of set lesson titles and can work within a particular syllabus to deliver engaging lessons when asked, all with the aim of bringing faith to life and helping young people to explore the Christian faith. We also provide online resources which you can view here


Exeter College CU

The CU in Exeter College has been established for over 20 years.  ICE workers support a student leadership team, helping them to encourage their peers and run a vibrant group open to all students.

Thought for the week

Our thought for the week videos go out to 4 schools as a tutor time activity. Each video has a thought, a message and a challenge, to help our young people start to ponder the big questions of life, but also help them think about the kind of person they want to be. You can check them out here

We have some set tutor time activities for Christmas and Easter which help pupils think about the world around them, and the impact they can have in it.

Our CU’s help support and encourage students of faith within schools, these can take the form of discussion groups, outreach planning or simply provide a safe space for students to meet and share stories.


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