You can download this week’s worksheet here.

It accompanies our ICE assembly video about friendship, which you can find here.


David and Jonathan are some of the most famous friends in the Bible. Their determination to persist in their friendship despite tricky circumstances, potential jealousy and forced distance inspires us to examine our friendships too.

What makes a good friendship? It’s more than just shared interests and fun (although these things are really important too!) A deep and lasting friendship is one where both parties decide to stick with one another through thick and thin. In David and Jonathan’s case, we see Jonathan even put his friendship with David above becoming king! He could have easily been jealous of his friend, but instead he supported him and helped him get to safety when his life was in danger.

Taking time to think about what kind of qualities we would like to see in our friendships can help us to build the friendships that we’d like to see. Not just by looking out for these qualities in others, and encouraging them to grow, but in working on these qualities in our own lives so that we can be good friends ourselves!


What would you say is a recipe for a good friendship?

Use the worksheet to help you as you reflect.

And then, why not ask God to help you to grow these qualities in your friendships!