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DISCLAIMER : This website list is indented to show suggestions of resources available for schools to use in education – ICE does not control any of these third party websites and is not in association or collaboration with any content, as such any views expressed are not our own

Since 1999 we have provided high quality, instant access primary and secondary school assemblies written and tested by teachers and other assembly leaders.

These assemblies have been used successfully with children of all ages in many schools. They include speaking and acting parts for children and adults.

Thousands of free lesson ideas and activity resources.Covering all topics from litaracy to sciences, plus help with classroom management.

Now you can view inspirational movie clips from many of your favourite films. These WingClips™ can also be downloaded to use in your school, church or other organization

We’re a team of movie lovers, technology and innovation enthusiasts who work day and night to make it possible to search for any moment in any film.

The wesite of the dedication youthwork magazine, full of up to date articles, interviews, videos and resources.

In its broadest, is about every Christian who works in and visits schools across the UK, passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and young people.

Damaris is an educational charity that is growing very fast through our partnership with the film industry. We create official community resources to accompany the latest feature films.

Dare2engage is a network of teachers and practitioners in 16-19 education who share a common aim to develop new  and innovative resources for RE and spiritual development.


ICE is a member of the PSHE Association and follows their guidance on curriculum and best practice.

As an outside organisation operating in schools, ICE and our associate workers adhere to the PCfRE guidance for guests visiting schools.