This worksheet is designed to go with our video assembly series on emotions. You can find our videos here.

You can download the worksheet here.

Fear is an emotion we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Whether its from a nightmare, a close call in traffic or from watching a scary movie, fear is a familiar emotion. Some of us feel fear about things that aren’t at all scary to others, not everyone is afraid of spiders, but some can’t even look at pictures of the eight legged beasties without feeling a cold sweat prickle on their skin.

Whatever the source of our fear, whether it’s big or small, our fear can be paralysing. It’s not a pleasant emotion, but it is a helpful one, if we’re willing to take the time to listen to what it might be telling us, and to challenge it when appropriate. Fear can keep us safe, but when it’s out of control, it can hold us back from learning and growing.

Thankfully, the Bible shows us that Jesus understands our fears, and gives us the perfect remedy for them too.

‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ‘ (John 14:27) 

Jesus knows that his closest friends, his disciples, are going to go through a really scary time. He’s going to be arrested, falsely accused and put on a cross to die. It’s going to be confusing, challenging, and scary. So he makes sure to bolster them up with this gift of peace. It’s not going to change the situation, but it will help reassure them. It’s supposed to remind them that this is all in God’s plan.

We can read in the Bible that the Disciples still fell apart, panicked, fled and hid in the aftermath of the cross. But on Jesus return he once again gives them the gift of his peace. ‘Peace be with you!’ (John 20:19-21)
Jesus’ gift of peace is available for us today too. It’s a gift we receive when we trust him. Just like the Disciples, we won’t be taken out of the scary situations, but we will find that there is peace enough to get us through whatever it is we face.

So, as you use the worksheet, have a good think about the questions on it. Take a moment to think about your fears, where d you feel them? Where do they come from? Are they keeping you safe, or are they holding you back?
And then think about what helps you to manage and comfort your fears. Ake a look through the different ideas for coping skills, see if there are anymore you can think of , and consider what it means for you, that Jesus’ gift of peace does not come and go like the peace we might find elsewhere, but instead is enough to keep our hearts and minds secure in him.