This Reflection Friday sheet is all about learning a way of praying called contemplative prayer.

Contemplation means to think about something deeply. To take time to think, to notice and to consider carefully. When we pray like this it means slowing down, taking our time and noticing what God may be trying to show us. You can do contemplative prayer in lots of different ways, but we’ve prepared a sheet for you to follow so you can give it a go.

All you need to do is to print out or copy the sheet to get started. Start in the middle, where the candle is. Work your way around the circles, take your time, there’s no need to rush. You can do this alone or with someone at home.

Contemplative prayer helps us to notice how God is with us in every situation, even when we might not realise it. God is able to speak to us through the times when we feel close to him as well as when we feel distant from him.