This downloadable worksheet was made to accompany the second installment of our assembly series about Daniel. 

You can find the worksheet here: Daniel and the Kings Dream

You can find the video here: Daniel Week 2

This week we explored King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. We looked at how everything around us changes – no man-made kingdom lasts forever. Even the mighty Babylonian kingdom was overtaken by many kingdoms after it. All those kingdoms have crumbled to dust and become part of history.
But the Bible teaches that God’s kingdom will last forever. It cannot be crushed or taken over, God will always be in charge the same yesterday, today and forever. 

It’s a challenge for us to think about the foundation our lives are built upon. Where do we find our security? 

Christians believe that we can build our lives on God, trusting that His kingdom will never fall.

This worksheet has a word-search featuring different words from the story, and a place for you to design your own statue. 
What will your statue be of? What will it be made from?
Print out our worksheet and get creative!