Today’s downloadable worksheet accompanies part four of our assembly series on the life of Moses. You can find the assembly videos here.

You can download and print the worksheet here.


In today’s Bible story, we saw Pharoah harden his heart. But what does that mean? You can’t make your actual heart change its shape or the way that it’s made.

Well in the Bible the word ‘heart’ isn’t talking about the vital organ that keeps us alive, instead ‘the heart’ is used to describe what lies at the centre of us, our true thoughts, feelings and desires.

When Pharoah hardened his heart, he was making a choice to be uncaring towards the Hebrew people in their difficult circumstances. He was making a choice to not care for his own people too as they suffered because of the plagues. He was being stubborn and refusing to let go of the power that he had and see that God was more powerful than him.

Pharoah’s hard heart had very sad consequences, not just for him, but for all the people that he was in charge of.

I wonder if you have ever felt your heart be cold or hard towards someone else?

Or perhaps, you have felt your heart soften towards someone or a situation in your life.

We can’t always control what we think, how we feel, or even what we want all of the time, but we can ask God to help us by changing our hearts when we see that they are becoming hard or cold. The Bible tells us that God is in the heart changing business! He loves it when we ask Him to soften our hearts towards others and towards Him.

So why not take some time to think about your heart today?

Look at the questions on the sheet and then draw how your heart is feeling at the moment.

Then, if you’d like to, why not take some time to talk to God. You could ask him to help you as you look at your heart to spot any areas where it might be hard and cold. And you can always ask him to help change your heart in those places, to make it soft again.