Worksheet Download – I am loved – I can love

If you flick through the Bible there is a word that turns up 551 times. It is the word love. That’s a lot of love!

Today’s reflection worksheet is here to help you think about love and what it might mean to you.

First of all, draw a picture of yourself in the left hand side of the circle.

Think about the people who love you. Write, or draw, all the people you can think of who love you in the box. As you do so, take a moment to think how knowing you are loved makes you feel. Does it make you feel secure, happy, at peace?

Then think about the kind things people have said to you. Write, or draw, all of those things in the box.  As you do so, take a moment to think how those words made you feel. Did they make your day better? Did they lift your heart or make you smile?

The Bible tells us that God loves us very much. Some people have even described the Bible as ‘God’s love letter to us’. It tells us the story of how God made us and how people decided to turn away from Him. But if you carry on reading you see that He loved us so much He sent Jesus to Earth to show us the way back to God again. God’s love is a love so big, He didn’t hold anything back – He gave us His Son. That’s how much Christians believe we are loved!

And Jesus showed his followers how to love the people around them. As Jesus was on earth, he healed the sick, spent time with outcasts and put others before himself. He taught his followers that following him meant loving God and loving other people. Then he showed that love in the biggest way possible by dying on the cross. So Christians believe it’s very important to show love to other people, because we have been shown so much love!

Next, draw a picture of someone else in the right hand side of the circle. Anyone you like, it can be more than one person.

Think about ways that you can show love to the people in your life. Can you help them clean the house? Can you offer them a listening ear? Can you write a letter or say a big thankyou? Be as creative as you like!

Then, think about the kind things that you can say to someone else. Kind words are a great way of showing love and care to others! What thoughtful things can you say to someone to make their day better?