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Matthew 5:23-27

 Jesus and his disciples were crossing a lake when suddenly a fierce storm swept in. The sky was dark with thick clouds and the water of the lake was whipped up into huge waves that battered the boat. Some of the disciples had been fishermen before Jesus called them to follow him, they knew this lake well, they were used to the sudden storms that happened in that area. But the Bible tells us they were afraid. In fact, they were certain they were going to drown.

 So, where was Jesus when his disciples were so afraid? The Bible tells us exactly where he was….sleeping!

 The disciples wake him up, scared and indignant, wondering if Jesus cares, wondering how on earth he could sleep when they were sure they were close to death.

 So, what was Jesus’ response? He asks them why they’re so afraid, why they have so little faith.

You see, they’d forgotten who Jesus was. They’ve heard Jesus teach them about God’s love in a way they’d never heard before, they’d seen Jesus perform miracles and heal people, but, they’d forgotten something important.

 The Bible shows us how Jesus is the Son of God, the very same God who created the wind and waves, who sends the rain and sunshine. The disciples forgot that Jesus was more than just a person who could do unusual things. They forgot that the reason Jesus could do those things is because he is God himself.


So, what does Jesus do about the storm? He gets up and simply tells the wind and waves to be still. And the storm is calmed. The disciples are left wondering “Who is this man? Even the wind and waves obey him!”

 What storms are there in your life? 2020 has felt like a real storm of a year, hasn’t it? Lots of things have happened, many of us feel battered by strong winds of things changing in huge ways, or we feel rocked by things happening in the world. Many of us feel overwhelmed, afraid and maybe even as if we were close to death. Just like the disciples felt in that boat.

But lets remember that Jesus is with us as he was with the disciples. We might look at our lives and our world and wonder if Jesus is sleeping, if he knows what trouble we’re in or if he even cares. But lets remember what Jesus asked the disciples. He wanted them to have faith in him. He could sleep peacefully because he knew who has the power over the storm.

Trusting Jesus means knowing that because he is with us, we are safe. It’s hard to see how Jesus could calm the storms that we face, or the storms that we feel inside, but that’s what it means to have faith. To trust. I don’t know how Jesus will calm the storms in my life, but I want to trust that he is able to. If even the wind and waves obey his voice, what could be too hard for him?

 Download today’s colouring sheet, spend some time colouring the storm and reflecting on the storms that are in our lives right now. Ask Jesus to calm the storms in our world and in our hearts and minds. Ask him to help us trust him and to have the peace that only he can give.

 Have a peaceful weekend, everyone.