This worksheet is designed to accompany our weekly assembly series on Jonah, you can find the videos here. 
You can download the worksheet here. 

This week finds Jonah in an incredible place. Not one of comfort and luxury, but a place dark, wet, and probably pretty smelly! 
Jonah is saved from the storm by God sending a huge fish to swallow him and carry him to the shore. He spends three days and nights inside the fish. We can only imagine how uncomfortable and at times frightening that must have been.  
We probably wouldn’t be surprised if Jonah ended up in the fish for good, but God is a God of second chances, and he listens to Jonah’s prayer.  

From inside the fish, Jonah calls out to God for help. He thanks God for saving his life and for showing him mercy. Perhaps he begins to understand that if even he, a rebellious prophet, can be forgiven by God, then perhaps it really is up to God to who mercy upon whoever he chooses. Even the people of Nineveh.  

In our assembly video, we talk about how we all need time to reflect on things we’ve said and done. We need time to consider if we need to say sorry. It’s really good for us to spend some time in reflection. Even if it’s just for a few minutes each day before we sleep. Not dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings, but seeing if there’s anything we’d like to change about what we do for the next day.  
Christians believe that God is always there for us, ready to listen to our prayers. When we spend time each day bringing our thoughts and feelings to him, we show that we trust him and God is able to help us work through those things. How great that God can hear us anywhere! From our classrooms and playgrounds, from our bedrooms or our kitchens, or even from the belly of a big fish in the depths of the sea!  

Why not use this weeks worksheet to give yourself some of that valuable reflection time. Colour in the fish at sea and think about these questions as you go.  

Where do you go for a ‘time out’?
What helps you to reflect?
Who can you talk to about things on your mind?