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One of the nicest things is to receive a letter from a friend when you are far away. It’s more solid than a text or an email, getting something just for you through the post (that isn’t a bill!) is lovely! It shows that someone was thinking about you and took the time to write their thoughts down for you. We don’t send letter like that very often these days, but that just means they become even more meaningful.


Have you ever received a letter from a friend?


We believe the Bible is like a letter to us from God, inside we can read about how God thinks of us always, how much he loves us and longs for us to return to Him.


But I wonder if you’ve ever thought about what God would say if He sent a letter just for you?


What if God wrote a letter to your school, your town, to your country or to you as an individual, what do you think God would say? Think carefully….


Use our reflection sheet to write what you think God might want to say to you. Remember that God wants to speak to you, He has things to say to you, what could they be?