This Downloadable worksheet accompanies our Daniel Assembly series, you can find the videos here

You can download the worksheet here

In this week’s assembly video we explore a very famous chapter of Daniel’s story, the lion’s den!

At this point in the story, Daniel’s faith in God has been challenged over and over again. He’s been through some incredibly difficult changes and has proven time and time again that he will choose to follow God, even if it puts him at risk.
That’s a real chalelnge to us as we live our lives today. We might not be facing a den of lions, but maybe our circumstances feel just as dangerous. We might even find people watching and waiting to catch us slipping up and doing something wrong just as the king’s officials did with Daniel.

However, Daniel once again gives us a great example of what we should do: Trust God and keep doing what’s right.

Daniel trusted that God saw his situation and heard his prayers. We aren’t told what was going through his mind when he was thrown into the pit with the lions, but I have a feeling he probably did an awful lot of praying!

God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions and protect Daniel, may we too trust that God is able to protect us when we steadfastly choose to follow him.

Use today’s colouring sheet to spend some time thinking on areas of your life where you would like to live with more integrity, ask that God would give you the courage and protection you need for times when your resolve is tested.