This worksheet is designed to accompany our assembly video series. You can find the videos here.

In our assembly this week, we began the story of Moses, right where it begins, with Moses being born and kept safe by his mum, and by God.
We learned that God keeps his people safe, even in difficult circumstances, and we thought about the people around us who can help keep us safe.

To help us continue thinking about how God is with us in our new beginnings, keeping us safe whatever challenges we face, we have a simple craft activity prepared. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do some very easy paper weaving.

For this craft you will need: The basket template (download here), some paper (plain or coloured), some pens if you want to decorate your basket and some scissors.

  • Print out the template. Paper will work fine, but card will be more stable.
  • Cut out the basket shape by following the dotted line around the basket.
  • Carefully cut along the dotted lines inside the basket. You might need or want a grown up to help with this bit as it can be a little tricky.
  • Take another piece of paper, and cut thin strips for the weaving. You can use different coloured paper or use pens/pencils/crayons to add your own designs.
  • Taking one strip at a time, carefully weave the paper in and out, over and under where you made the slits until the paper is all threaded through. (You can cut off any excess paper that might stick out beyond the basket outline if you want)

    And you’re finished!

We hope that this first part of Moses’ story will be an encouragement to you as we begin this new term, whatever your new beginning looks like.