This downloadable worksheet is designed to go with our Moses assembly series. You can find the videos here.

You can download the worksheet here.

As we continue our series exploring the story of Moses, we come to a pivotal moment in Moses life. He sees a burning bush, still living and not being destroyed, and from this most improbable of things, he hears the voice of God.

God gives him an incredible task: To deliver a message of freedom for all the Hebrew’s enslaved in Egypt. From what we’ve learned of Moses so far, you might think he’d be jumping at the chance to go and make a difference for his people. But instead, Moses see’s the challenge, the difficulty and the potential for failure ahead of him.

His fear and lack of confidence get the better of him, and so God reminds him that he will not be going alone. Aaron will be sent along with him to help him speak before Pharaoh, but more than this, God himself promises to be with Moses.

When we start a new beginning, whatever that thing might be, it’s always encouraging to see who is beside us. A friend, a classmate, a family member….all these are good, but have you ever considered that God is with you in your new beginning too?

Use our falling leaves reflection sheet to help you consider the people God has given to be with you, and the promise that God gives to all of us, to be with us through everything we face.