This downloadable worksheet is made to accompany our Parable short video series, you can find the videos here
You can download the worksheet here

Jesus uses the parable of the sower (found in Matthew 13) to give us a picture of why some people seem to to grow and flourish in faith, and others do not.
This is also one of the few parables that Jesus offers a clear explanation for. The imagery is that we are all a kind of soil, and God’s word falls on us like seeds scattered by the sower. How the seed grows depends on the condition of the soil.

What kind of soil will we be? Will we be like a path, where the seed can be easily snatched up by hungry birds? Will we be like dry and cracked earth offering no space for deep roots? Maybe we will find that the worries of this world prove too much. Sometimes the darkness does seem to drown out the light.
But what about the good soil? That soil returns to the sowers a great harvest!

What kind of soil would you rather be?

If we want to be good soil, we must ask the farmer to work us over so that the seed he plants in us will grow well.

The encouraging thing is that God, our heavenly farmer, wants to grow his word in us. So we know that if we ask him, he will make us into the kind of soil ready to grow a bountiful harvest for God.

What kind of things do you think God wants to grow in us? Use the downloadable worksheet to reflect on those things. There are a couple of suggestions already, what more can you think of?
Fill the garden with beautiful plants, use differnet shapes and colours to make it flourish.
As you draw, maybe you could ask God to help you become the kind of soil that is ready to grow.