This activity sheet is designed to go along with our Parables short video series. You can find the series here.
You can download the activity sheet here.

This week’s parable can be found in Matthew 7:24-27

In this parable, Jesus talks about the difference between just hearing his words, and putting them into action. It’s a real challenge for all of us to consider what actions we’re building our lives upon.


In this parable we’re encouraged to examine our foundations, the things we build our lives upon. Jesus tells us that those who hear and take action on his words are like wise biulders who choose a good foundation that will hold when the waters rise.
There are many storms around at the moment, aren’t there? Nearly a year into quarantine in its various forms, we all feel the grief and loss of our normal lives. The news becomes an every growing list of reasons to despair at the state of our country and our world. Our own lives have many troubles which are often hidden from those around us. We have worries, doubts and fears, and we live in an unpredictable and ever changing world.

A firm foundation will help us to navigate through those storms. So Jesus’ challenge stands for us today….what are our foundations? What do we build our lives upon, and how do we know how they will hold up against the storms and floods that life brings?

For Christians, we know we are safe on Jesus the rock. When the flood waters wash everything else away, Jesus remains.

For this activity sheet, we’ve left a space upon the rock for you to design your own house. It could be anything you like, a cottage, a light house, maybe a castle or wizards’ tower! As you design your house and bring colour to the scene, perhaps you could reflect on your own foundations. Consider what it might mean to put Jesus words into action, and what a life built upon Jesus might look like.