Today we have a colouring sheet for you, you can download it here: Psalm 119:105

Why not make it bright and colourful! And as you do so, take a moment to look at the verse at the top. This verse is from the Bible; in fact it’s from a song we can find in the book of Psalms.

The writer is talking to God and he is saying that Gods word (that means the Bible) is like a light that shows him the way to go.

Have you ever tried to walk somewhere in the dark? You end up bumping in to all sorts of things and might even find yourself lost! But when you have light, you can see the paths that you should take and then you don’t lose your way.

This verse says that God’s word is like that light – it shows us which paths are best for us to take along the journey of life. That could be choices that we make in how we spend our time, it could be decisions between right and wrong, it could be what we choose to do in the future – God can guide us in all manner of things!

So as you colour in today, why not take some time to think about your life journey:

What kind of path are you on at the moment?

Are you finding it hard to make a choice? Or are you not sure about a choice you have made?

Or perhaps you’re feeling excited about the path you are on – what makes you feel that way?

Why not take some time to talk to God about it! You could even pray and ask Him to show you the best paths to take. Or you could take some time and read the Bible to see what God says to us. Christians believe there is a grand adventure that begins in the Bible – why not check it out for yourself!