You can download the worksheet here
This worksheet accompanies our Advent Wreath assembly series. You can find the videos here

This week we look at the fourth candle in our advent wreath. This candle is called the Angel’s candle and it represents peace.

In our assembly we explore what peace is: a calm feeling, freedom from worries and stress, a time without conflict.

The angels bring this message of peace to the earth, God’s peace come to human beings. It marks a new start, a freedom not just from worries and stresses, but a peace that goes deeper.

We all like peace, even if we’re energetic extroverts! But peace seems hard to find. Circumstances change quickly and there always seems to be something to distract us and tear us away from whatever peace we’ve been able to find. So when Jesus says he gives a peace that is different from the peace the world offers, we find ourselves called to find out more.

The peace Jesus offers is one that lasts throughout whatever circumstance we find ourselves or our world in. It’s a peace that we can feel deep down even if we’re surrounded by howling storms and overwhelming waves.
When Jesus calmed the storm his disciples were amaed, they asked each other, “Who is this man? When he gives a command, even the wind and waves obey him!” (Luke 8:22-25)

So we too must ask ourselves, if even the wind and waves obey Jesus command to be still, what more could he do for us in our times of stress and fear?

This Christmas, when so much has changed over the course of this unpredicatble year, perhaps what we all need to do is take a moment to find some peace. Perhaps even to enjoy something of that peace that Jesus offers.
Download our worksheet and spend some time reflecting on what peace means to you, and what peace on earth could look like.