Here is the link to today’s downloadable worksheet:

Today’s activity is a colouring page for you to enjoy making as bright and colourful as you would like.

As you colour it in, take some time to read the verse in the middle – it’s from a song that we can find in the Bible. This verse tells us something wonderful about God; He is like a strong castle, a safe place in times of trouble. I wonder if you’ve ever experienced a time of trouble? When things are challenging and hard? All of us will go through times like that in our lives and it’s important to think of where we go to for help in those times.

The Bible tells us that we can always go to God for help, He isn’t limited to a space or time, He is ‘ever-present’, that means He’s always there!  So today, if you’re finding a situation challenging, why not ask God for His help – we can pray and talk to Him at any time or any place.

And then, why not be on the lookout this week to see the ways that God helps you in your life? You could thank Him for the people who help to make you feel safe, or the places that help you to feel peaceful. You might even want to take a look in the Bible and see all of God’s good promises that you can find there.

Use the worksheet to help you to reflect on these things and take some time to enjoy some peace. You can even try praying as you colour in! Why not give it a shot.