Downloadable Worksheet: Roses and Thorns

Sally from the ICE Primary team here. Recently someone asked me ‘What have been the roses and the thorns of this lock down?’ and I thought it was a brilliant image to help us reflect on what’s been going on in our lives. So today I have made a reflection sheet to help you ask yourself the same question.

Life isn’t all good all the time, nor is it bad all the time. There are many wonderful things that we can rejoice in and there are hard things that are challenging. But both are useful and come together to make up our lives, like the thorns and roses make up a beautiful rosebush. When we are in the thorns, we learn painful lessons that help us to grow and become stronger, kinder people. The thorns teach us compassion for those around us who might also be struggling, they encourage us to reach out and show one another love. And Christians believe that those times teach us to rely on God and trust Him to help us through.

When we are in the roses – we appreciate the many God has given us and we can celebrate and say thank you! The roses can help us to keep on going when times are tough and give us joy that we can spread with the people in our lives.

So take a moment to reflect upon the past few weeks.

What are your roses at the moment? How do they make you feel? Can you share those things with those around you to bring them joy? You might want to take some time say thank you to God for them.

And what are your thorns? Is there anyone you can speak to who can encourage you or help you in that situation? You might want to pray and talk to God about these things, and ask Him to help you through.