This downloadable worksheet is designed to go with our Moses assembly series.
You can find the videos here.

You can download the worksheet here.

In this week’s assembly, we turned towards the last plague that God sent upon the land of Egypt.
God will do one final, devestating thing to free his people from slavery, Pharaoh will finally let God’s people go.

God introduces this very special meal that will be passed down from generation to generation of people as they go from being known as Hebrew slaves, to the nation of Israel, to the Jewish peoples scattered all over the world today. This passover meal is a way for those people to remember this momentous occasion, when God rescued His people.

But the Bible also shows that Passover is not only an incredibly important meal for looking back and remembering, but for pointing forward too. Many years later after this time in Egypt, there would be another Passover festival, where a different kind of lamb would be sacrificed to save people. Jesus would give up his life on the cross as a fulfillment of what the passover points towards.

Christians today celebrate a different kind of meal to remember what Jesus has done, and to look forward to the promises God will fulfill in the future. We share bread and wine in communion, remembering and re-orienting ourselves towards the cross.

There’s something special about the act of eating a meal together to celebrate an occasion. Whether it’s a happy birthday celebration, a tired but joyful moving in meal on the floor, or a Christmas dinner filled with laughter and tasty treats.

What special meal would you invent? Use this week’s worksheet to create your own dinner party. Think about what your ideal meal would be, who would you invite? What would you celebrate?
Be creative, imaginative and maybe, you could try making this special meal one day!