This Downloadable worksheet accompanies our Daniel Assembly series, you can find the videos here.

The worksheet can be downloaded here.

In this weeks part of the story we saw how Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego refused to melt under pressure and stood up for what they believed. It can be tempting for us to follow the crowd, espescially if it seems like we might be the ones who end up standing out on our own. But Daniel’s three freinds knew that no matter what became of them, they wouldn’t bow to the king’s statue. For them, following God and worshipping only Him was more important than thier lives. Their reputations weren’t bigger than the faith they had in God. King Nebuchadnezzar saw how God honoured them and saved them from the firey furnace. He saw the power of God protect His faithful ones. What about us today? When we feel pressured to follow the crowd into something we know isn’t right, who do we turn to for help? What things are we willing to stand up and to stand out for? Is our faith bigger than our desire to be popular?