This downloadable worksheet accompanies our Moses video assembly series which can be found here.

You can download the worksheet here.

We’ve reached one of the most famous stories in the Bible – the crossing of the Red Sea. And to celebrate, we have a craft for you to help remind you of the story!

You will need:

A print-out of this week’s worksheet

Coloured pencils

Scissors (and a grown up to help if you need it!)


Let’s get crafting…



First of all, colour in the picture with lots of bright colours!



 Then, cut along the top line.

This is the only thing you will need to cut so you can put your scissors away after this step.



Take the left hand side of the picture and fold it backwards, up to the first dashed line.

Then, fold forwards along the next dashed line.
The piece you folded backwards should follow so there’s a zig-zag fold in the paper.




Repeat the folds on the right hand side of your picture until the two sides of the sea meet in the middle.

And there you have it! You can open the sea to let the Hebrew people cross, and close it again to keep them safe from the Egyptian army.

Why not use this craft to tell today’s story to someone you know or to help you remember what happened when God parted the Red Sea.