This downloadable worksheet accompanies our assembly ‘Emotions and Changes – Wonder’ which can be found in this playlist.

You can download the worksheet here.

When did you last feel wonder?

Wonder is an emotion that sticks in our memories. I’m sure that all of us can remember times when we have been struck by a sense of wonder whether experiencing something magnificent in nature, seeing someone achieve something incredible or in those quiet, contemplative times when we see the world anew. Wonder helps us appreciate the world around us and Christians believe that wonder helps us to connect with God.

Today’s reflection sheet will help you to consider the times when you have felt wonder. Colour in the pictures and think about each answer before writing it down. You might remember a special time when you have felt that feeling of wonder. What did it feel like? What did it tell you? Did it teach you something new?

Let’s all challenge ourselves to be open to wonder this week – to seek it out and sit with it when we find it.