Activity: Using chalk to draw prayers

Resources: Some chalk, a place outside to draw on (like the pavement or driveway)

You don’t need very much for today’s prayer activity! Once you have some chalk and an idea of what, or who, you’d like to pray for, head outside and find a good space to make your prayer canvas. Make sure you don’t go into the roads, and ask an adult’s permission before you start drawing on things to make sure you won’t get in trouble later.

You need a smooth, flat surface, a pavement works really well, or a smooth driveway or even the side of your house!

All you need to do is to think of what you’d like to pray for, then use your chalks to draw or write those things. Be colourful! Be creative!

You could pray for the NHS, our key workers, imagine how encouraging it would be for a tired nurse or grocery shop worker to find a message of love and support on their way home! Maybe you want to thank God for helping you with the challenges of all these big changes? Maybe you want to ask God to be with your friends and family at this time when we can’t be so close.

Your prayer will be there until it gets washed away by the rain, you never know, seeing your prayer might help someone else to pray too!