This week we’re going to set aside some time to pray for our world. 

What do you need: Go to this website MapCrunch. You can also use an atlas or world map if you have one at home. You might also like to have a separate web page open to do some investigating. (Always remember to be safe online. You might like to do this activity with an adult at home)

Map Crunch is a site that produces a random location from Google Maps Streetview. It’s a great way to see what different places in our world look like. We’re going to use Map Crunch to help us pray for our world.

When you first go to Map Crunch you’ll find yourself somewhere in the world. You can find your location in the top left corner, or, if you’re really up for an adventure, you can try and discover where you are as you navigate along different roads and paths. You can explore just like you would on Google streetview, simply click along the road or path or the arrows in the direction you’d like to go.

Why don’t you have a look and see what you can find?

Are there people around? What does it look like they’re doing? Are they going to work? Are they playing games? Are they on a journey?  Do they look rich or poor? Do they seem happy or sad?

What animals can you see? Are they tame or wild?

What plants can you find? Are they like the plants we have in the UK? Are they plants you can only find in the mountains or in the tropics?

What is the weather like? Does it look hot and dry? Does it look like they get a lot of rain?

See what you can find out about the country you’ve landed in. Is it an island or a city? Do lots of people live there? Is it a place you would like to visit? Use your atlas or do some investigating online with a grown up. See what you can find.

Pray for the country you find yourself in. Think about what people in that country might need.

It’s okay if you don’t know much about life there, the Bible tells us that God knows everything we need before we ask him. He understands that we don’t always know exactly what people need.


You can keep pressing ‘Go!’ to find another location and keep going as much as you like. Our world is a wonderful place filled with amazing people in incredible places. You never know, as you’re praying along your virtual road, someone might be walking there in real life and they might just get the feeling that someone, somewhere in the world is praying for them.

Here are a few screenshots of where MapCrunch took me in the world:

Zilina, Slovakia

Coney  Island Park, USA

Lapuyan, Phillipines

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia