Anne-Marie here, today I want to introduce to you a fun way of praying using a music playlist.

What you will need: A music playlist. I personally use Spotify most of the time, though I also like to findplaylists or radio stations on Youtube as well. You can use a CD you have at home, or whatever you usually use to listen to music. All you really need is something that has some variety of moods and genres. Whatever you like, or maybe find something new!

You might also like to have something to write on, maybe some paper or a notebook, and something to write with. Coloured pens like felt tips might be best.

How it works: Put your music playlist on shuffle and listen to the music. For each kind of song, write down or express how it makes you feel by moving your body around, have a dance! Movement can be prayer too. You can use your writing materials to write down words or thoughts as you get inspired by the music.

eg. For a happy song, you might want to thank God for how the music makes you feel, or you might like to pray for someone you know who needs a bit more happiness in their lives right now.

Maybe a slower song comes on, you might like to pray in a more still and thoughtful way. Maybe a really energetic song comes on and you just have to jump up and down! That’s a great opportunity to thank God for the life we have within us.

If you don’t feel like moving you can use your supplies to write or draw things that come up for you as you listen to the music. Maybe a lyric or phrase from the songs stands out to you. Maybe you can imagine yourself in the song, or maybe the song sparks your imagination.

Music is meant to touch our hearts and chime with our emotions. Music helps us express things the things we feel, it can cheer us up, encourage us and comfort us. The bible is full of songs written by people who wanted to cry out to God for help or praising God for the great things he has done.

Have you ever tried using music to pray? Why not give it a go.