Activity: Saying ‘sorry’ using coins to help.

Resources: Some old 1p or 2p coins, a dish, some vinegar, some kitchen roll.

In today’s prayer space activity, we’re going to think about saying sorry.

I wonder if you can think of something that you have ever needed to say ‘sorry’ for? Perhaps you hurt someone’s feelings or had not done something when you were asked to do it. Perhaps you thought something unkind about someone or ignored a kind thing you could do for someone else. When we say sorry we own up to the wrong choices we have made and we ask for a fresh start – ‘sorry’ gives us a chance to turn over a new page and begin again!

I wonder if there is something that you would like to say ‘sorry’ for today? The Bible tells us that God always gives us that chance to say sorry to Him for the things that we have done wrong and He loves to offer us a new beginning! Not only that, He can give us the courage to make things right with other people too, all we need to do is to ask for His help.

So why not try this activity today?

Ask an adult to help you pour some vinegar into a dish – a clear one works best!

Take an old coin and hold it in your hand.

Look at its surface and think about something that you would like to say sorry for. You might want to take this moment to pray and share that thing with God – ask Him to give you a fresh start and to help you to make good choices today. You might want to use this time to make a decision to say sorry to someone in your life (and you can always ask for God to help you to do that too!)

Then, drop the coin into the vinegar. Watch it closely, you will see its surface change from dull to shiny again!

As you watch, why not take a moment to pray and say thank you to God for the fresh start that He offers us whenever we come to Him and say sorry.

Take the coin out and wipe it dry with the kitchen roll (make sure to wash your hands afterwards!)



Here’s the difference between a coin that went into the vinegar (on the right) and one that hasn’t gone in yet (on the left).

What a big difference – the coin that has been in the vinegar looks as good as new!

Why not keep your shiny as-new coin somewhere special to remind you that you can always ask God for a fresh start when you need it.