My first thought when I read the title was, I have learnt new words like “zoom”, “key worker” and WFH (Working From Home).

But then I thought a little deeper and realised I really have learnt quite a lot during lockdown.

I am fortunate as I was able to move back with my family. Obviously, this wasn’t what I was used to, before I was living with only one other person. Therefore, I have definitely had to learn patience!

As a youth worker I have had to adapt how I teach the sessions I am used to doing. I recently finished a book called “The Master Plan of Evangelism” which looks at Jesus’ teaching method. Jesus’ teachings did not happen in a traditional school setting or through online courses. He also didn’t invest heavily in crowds (who were easily swayed) but with a small group of men. The strategy Jesus uses, focusing on a few men could be viewed as a risk and against the world today where there is a emphasises in numbers, but it was proved effective and his teachings were able to successfully spread. One way I learnt to use this principle as a youth worker is, I have been setting out a stretch of time where I pray individually for the young people I work with and have a relationship with. Lockdown has taught me the importance of slowing down and appreciating the people we have relationships and interactions with as well as showing me how valuable spending time with God is.

So that is what I have learnt professionally. Personally, I have learnt that relationships are so important to us as humans. When talking with my friends the most common things people miss are family and spending time with friends. Company is what people miss the most, not the material things like shopping.

I have learnt that I take a lot of things for granted, being able to go swimming, going to the cinema and simply living in a first world country. Maybe there are things I still take for granted. I may think my life is hard during lockdown but not everyone has the access to water and social media that I enjoy most days.

Well, turns out I learnt more than the word “zoom” after all.


Danielle Compton-McCulloch