Reflection sheet: Changing Seasons


This week’s downloadable worksheet gives you some space to reflect on the changes ahead this new school year.

Take a moment to think about last year and answer the questions on the sheet. You can write, or draw or just think for a while – there are no right answers here, this space is for you.


Once you’ve filled in this part, why not take a moment to pray and thank God for the season that has gone.


Then, take some time to think about the year to come – about your hopes and dreams, any worries you have and any things that you want to learn. Again, use worksheet to guide you.

Once you’re done, why not take a moment to pray and speak to God about whats to come this year. You could share your feelings with Him and talk to him about any concerns that you have, or share your excitement!

There’s lots that we can talk to God about – the Bible tells us that He loves to hear from us.