We Recommend…
Our resource recommendation this week is the Prayer Spaces in Schools website.

You can find them here: https://www.prayerspacesinschools.com/

What is it?
A website full of resources to inspire creative prayer. Although this s is usually most relevant for larger groups, during this time of lock down they have com e up with lots of resources for families to do together at home.

Who is it for? 
The activities on this website cover a broad range of ages. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest in the family, can get stuck in.

What can I find there?

Reflection and prayer time is vital for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health but it can be difficult to take time out, especially when life has been disrupted and a new normal has taken its place. That is what is so wonderful about setting up a prayer space. They give us a structure to follow that can help carve out that precious time to stop and just ‘be’.

You can find lots of ideas here to help set up your own prayer space, whether you want inspiration in setting up the space itself or for the activities you would like to put into it. The Prayer Spaces in Schools team tell you all the resources you need for each activity and how to run each one so it’s simple to pick up and just go and try for yourself. And there are lots of ideas for different areas of prayer. There are activities that focus inwards, that help us examine how we are doing, our personal relationships with God and with one another, and that focus outwards, at our world and current issues going on in it.

You could set up an area in your house that will remain there for anyone who wants to take some quiet time out in a reflective space. Or you can make a day of it and decorate the living room with everything you can find and all get stuck in together! Prayer spaces are wonderfully adaptable so you can create one that best suits your needs.

Finally, the activities on this website are very welcoming. Everyone is invited – whether they wish to pray or would prefer to spend the time just reflecting instead. There is space for everyone to engage, as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. And it’s a safe way to experiment with prayer if that isn’t a part of your normal life. The activities can give you ideas to help you know what to pray about so if you feel lost, you can rely on them to help guide you.

I hope that this website can help you find that all important reflection and prayer time during this difficult period in all of our lives and that you and your family will feel blessed by it.