Our resource recommendation this week is: Story Keepers   

What is it? An animated series set in the early days of the Christian faith during Roman times.

Who is it for? Children and families.

What can I find there? You can find the Story Keepers YouTube channel here:

The Story Keepers is a series following a family who seek to keep not only keep their own faith strong in a time of extreme challenges, but also to help others to learn about Jesus and grow in their own faith too.

Its a charming series that couldn’t be more relevant in for us today. We may not be in the same kind of danger for our faith, but we too live in challenging times. As we watch the series, we might be able to understand a little more about what life might be like for Christians  who cannot meet together safely, both throughout history and in our modern world as well.

Hopefully, we can be challenged and inspired to be story keepers in our generation.