Our resource recommendation this week is: Superbook Bible App
You can find it in the Google Play store and the Apple app store

What is it?
It’s a free app that helps explore the Bible in fun and interesting ways.

Who is it for?
It’s designed for primary school aged children, but also enjoyed by a wide range of ages in my church!

What can I find there?
Superbook is a great app for exploring the Bible. Children can register and sign in (using a parent or Guardian’s email) and personalise their experience by creating a character and completing daily challenges. There are games, quizzes and puzzles as well as animated videos of Bible stories, (These are also available on YouTube!) There’s a section where kids can learn and discover answers to questions they might have about the Bible and faith, all of which could be great discussion topics at home!

Superbook also has parental gateway controls, so you can assure your young one has a positive experience with the app if they may be more sensitive to scenes such as the crucifixion of Jesus. These can be toggled on or off at anytime.

And for the teenagers and grown-ups out there, it might be a fun way for us to remember that studying the Bible and spending time with God should be a joyful experience. God encourages us to have faith like a child, so maybe let’s not take ourselves so seriously all the time…give Superbook a try.