We Recommend…
Our resource recommendation this week is for the Bible Project.

You can find their Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/jointhebibleproject    

What is it?
Animated videos explaining the Bible – from the books, to the themes, to how the Bible itself was written.

Who is it for? 
Older secondary school pupils and adults who would like to understand more of the Bible.  

What can I find there?

The Bible project is a helpful resource that I use all the time in my assembly planning. It is geared towards older viewers, but would definitely be useful for any young person in KS4 and many KS3 pupils might it helpful too. It would also be great for adults who are looking to increase their understanding in order to better explain Biblical themes to younger children.

Their videos are visually stunning and clear in their teaching, which make them very enjoyable to watch as well as highly informative. I have found that they have increased my knowledge of the Bible and given me a new perspective on some Biblical books that I had never considered before.

On their Youtube channel, you will find many videos covering a broad range of topics. Such as:

Bible Overviews – Videos giving the broad picture of each book in the Bible. Helping you to understand how it is structured and the overall message that book is giving the reader. These are very helpful, especially if (like me) you sometimes struggle to see the broader picture when reading a book in the Bible.

Word Studies – These videos delve deeper into words we might find in the Bible that we don’t use much in our modern lives, or have a deeper meaning that we haven’t been taught in our culture. I find these videos fascinating as they open up new understanding about what the writers of the Bible meant.

Biblical Themes – These videos look at the broad strokes of Biblical themes across the Bible. They can really help when you are wondering what the Christian worldview is on different subjects such as justice, generosity and the nature of God.

How to read the Bible – These are helpful guides to help you as you read the Bible. There are many different types of writing to be found as you go through, and so it is helpful to be able to understand the purpose behind these different styles and how best to read them.

The Luke–Acts Series – A closer look at the life of Jesus and the birth of the Early Church through Luke’s writings. A very helpful series if you want to look in depth at who Jesus was and why his death and resurrection is so world changing.

There are so many high quality, informative videos here that I could talk about them all day! But needless to say, I think this is an awesome resource and I hope that you can enjoy learning more about the Bible through these videos.


(Featured photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)