We Recommend…

Our resource recommendation this week is The Daily Audio Bible app/webplayer

Where can I find it? Available as an app (iOS and Android) or on the web player: https://dailyaudiobible.com/ 

What is it?

A daily Bible reading in a podcast.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in exploring the Bible or looking for a way to incorporate a Bible reading into their daily routine.

What can I find there?

With the Daily Audio Bible you can come and sit beside what the host, Brian Hardin, calls the global campfire, a special place set aside in our busy lives for some peace and time with God. Brian invites us to listen as he reads through the Bible in a year, day by day. Each daily reading gives us a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and Proverbs. His warm, rich voice has gotten me through some rough times as he gently takes his time over well-known and less well-known Bible stories. Alongside the growth of the online community listening to Brian, a worldwide community of prayer has sprung up around this global campfire, becoming a place where people form all over the world can tune into the Bible and pray for one another.

It’s a great resource for those who find it hard to stop and be still, for those who are busy and for those who need to do something with their hands to help them concentrate while they listen. And what’s more, there are different languages available as well as a few special programs. So, if English isn’t your first language or if you’re trying to learn a new language, the DAB can something to help!

Perhaps the most useful resource from the DAB for us to recommend is the Daily Audio Bible for Kids. Read by Brian and his daughter, China, the Daily Audio Bible for Kids takes children through the New Testament in a year in 8-10minute sessions, read by kids, for kids.

Maybe you don’t have a Bible at home, maybe reading and concentrating is difficult, maybe you’re looking for a slice of peace amid the worries and stress of the current times, maybe you just want to try something differnet! The Daily Audio Bible is a great way to explore what the Bible says, why not give it a try? I’ll see you by the virtual campfire…