This worksheet accompanies our ‘Changes and Emotions Intro’ assembly for primary aged children.
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You can download this week’s worksheet here.

This half-term, we’re going to be learning about emotions and how they affect us in our day to day life. But before we dive in, we wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to ‘Check In’ with how they’re feeling today –  so we created this worksheet!

Use this worksheet to help you think about how you feel. If you’re not sure, use the pictures to guide you – perhaps you chime with one of the emotions shown in the faces around the edge, or perhaps they can inspire you to think of another emotion that you’re feeling.

Draw your emotion in the face, and write it down if you can.

Then, we’ve got some questions to help you think more deeply about how you’re feeling today. Take some time to ponder each one and listen to how you’re feeling before writing down your answers. Maybe you’ll discover something you hadn’t realised before!

We hope that this sheet can help you as you think about your feelings, and it doesn’t just have to help you once! Why not try to remember these questions so that you can use them any time you need to work out how you’re feeling.